With more than 40 sessions across multiple tracks, keynote presentations, product roadmap deep-dives and tons of Mimecast experts on-site to tap into - you will gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and connections you require for success.


Sessions may be eligible for continuing education credits! Contact your preferred provider for information on how to submit your attendance.

Sunday, October 27 

9:00 am - 2:00 pm Pre-Registration
9:30 am - 4:30 pm Customer Certification (Separate Registration Required)

Monday, October 28 

9:00 am - 3:00 pm Registration
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Customer Certification
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Summit Kick-Off/Opening General Session
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Welcome Reception in Expo Hall Co-sponsored by
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Industry Meet Ups

Tuesday, October 29 

7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast/Networking in Expo Hall
8:30 am - 10:00 am General Session/Keynotes
10:00 am - 10:30 am Networking Break in Expo Hall
10:30 am - 12:15 pm Breakout Sessions
12:15 pm - 1:45 pm Lunch and Motivational Session
1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Networking Break in Expo Hall
2:15 pm - 3:00 pm Breakout Sessions
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Networking Break in Expo Hall
3:30 pm - 5:15 pm Breakout Sessions
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Women in Technology Meet Up
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7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Customer Appreciation Party

Wednesday, October 30 

7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast/Networking in Expo Hall
8:30 am - 9:30 am General Session
9:30 am - 10:00 am Networking Break in Expo Hall
10:00 am - 11:45 am Breakout Sessions
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Closing Remarks


Pre-Conference Certification Courses 

Our goal is to make you and your team more resilient by enhancing your product knowledge and ensuring you are getting the most out of your Mimecast configurations, which is why we’re offering multiple full and half day certification courses prior to the Cyber Resilience Summit. Space is limited and offered on a first come basis, so make sure to add certification to your registration today.


Sunday, October 27th

Full-Day (9:30 AM - 4:30 PM)

Half-Day (12:30 PM - 4:30 PM)

Monday, October 28th


Breakout Sessions

Your Mimecast: Innovation, Roadmaps and Services

What’s the future of the Mimecast solution suite? What new features and functionality can you look forward to you in your product? And how can you get the most out of the Mimecast resources available to you? Join sessions in this track to learn where we’ve been investing and what lies ahead. From deep dive product roadmaps and discussions with product experts to sessions on how we can make the Mimecast community even stronger, you’ll have an opportunity to share feedback, learn how to optimize your investment, and collaborate on the future we’re building together.  

  • Roadmap: Building Cloud Archive for Business, Legal, Compliance, and Beyond
    Shane Harris, Mimecast
    Archiving has transformed from infrastructure used to store aging content cheaply to a platform-based approach for serving multiple stakeholders, from end-users to compliance, legal, and IT teams. Managing and preserving information securely and productively has never been more complex. Join this session to see how we’re evolving Cloud Archive to help you address these challenges now and long into the future. You’ll hear about new enhancements, what you can expect in the short term, and our vision for 2020 and beyond.
  • Roadmap: Mimecast Email Security – Protecting You Today and Tomorrow
    Steve Malone, Mimecast
    Mimecast is proud to help you make email safer for business today, but what about tomorrow? Protecting the top vector for cyberattacks isn’t a one and done – it requires constant vigilance and continuous evolution. Join this session to learn how the Email Security roadmap continues to evolve, with a focus on efficacy, innovation, customer experience, and insights. Our product experts will share information you can use to optimize protections today and give you a preview of 2020 and beyond.
  • Roadmap: Mimecast Web Security – Protecting Employees No Matter Where They Click or Where They Work
    Jamie Fernandes, Mimecast
    Michael Leary, People's Intermountain Bank 
    We all know email is used in 90%+ of attacks, but what about its partner in crime – the web? From general browsing and personal webmail to social media, this vector can be challenging to protect. Join this session to learn how you can safeguard both email and web with a single cloud service that combines threat intelligence and security services behind one unified console. You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about Mimecast Web security, see what’s around the corner, and hear our longer-term vision for this solution.
  • After Onboarding: Continuing Your Journey with Mimecast Professional Services 
    Al Steffenberg, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Patrick Villa, NFL
    Getting your technology up and running is critical, but it’s just the first step in your Mimecast journey. Your needs will inevitably evolve, as will the threat landscape and Mimecast’s strategies for keeping you as safe as possible. Join this session to learn how Mimecast’s professional services organization can help you keep protections optimized, maximize the value of your security technologies, and build a long-term plan for the future.  
  • Let's Get Real: Introducing Phishing 2.0 from Mimecast Awareness Training
    Michael Madon, Mimecast
    Phish testing is great in theory, but it often falls short of the mark. Why? It’s watered down, template-driven, and let’s face it…easy to spot. So how do you expose employees to the real thing without the risk? Join this session to learn about Phishing 2.0 from Mimecast Awareness Training. You’ll see for yourself how you can “de-fang” actual attacks, send them to their intended recipients, track how they respond, and educate them on where they went wrong. All reward, no risk. Now that’s ph_ing awesome.
  • Shaping the Mimecast Community: By the People, For the People  
    Mike Conley, Mimecast
    The Mimecast Community is a place to connect with thousands of like-minded peers to ask questions, share product ideas, read Knowledge Base articles, and climb the community leaderboard. Join this session to discover the power of joining the community, learn what it means to be a Mimecast Legend, get a sneak peek into the evolving platform, and share your ideas for making our Community even stronger.
  • How Mimecast Training Can Keep Your Admins and End Users Updated and Enabled
    Mike Davis, Mimecast
    Part of Mimecast’s appeal is its robust platform and configurability. However, that can pose a challenge when it comes to training administrators, enabling end users, and keeping your team up to speed on new features and functions. Join this session to learn about the classes, web sessions, and other creative options Mimecast offers to help your administrators stay on top their email security game and ensure end-users can stay both productive and secure.
  • Under The Hood: The Mimecast Product Launch, Beta, and Early Access Programs
    Mary Jo Tincher, Mimecast
    Continuously improving our solutions is a top priority for Mimecast, but you may have sometimes wondered – how do we prioritize our initiatives? And how, as a customer, can you get involved? Join this session for a glimpse behind the scenes of our product development and launch process. We’ll discuss how you can get involved in both the Beta and Early Access stages and also give you a sneak peak into some planned improvements to our Customer Enhancement Request system.


Advanced Security

Defending against cyber threats requires an ever-vigilant security posture, so optimizing the tools and resources at your disposal is essential. Join these sessions to learn the latest strategies for protecting against sophisticated attacks, hear best practices from third-party experts and peers, and get a comprehensive view of Mimecast’s extended solution suite. We’ll also cover persistent challenges like combatting human error, addressing multi-vector attacks, and making threat intelligence both consumable and actionable.

  • Actionable Threat Intelligence: Defeating Data Overload to Drive Smarter, Faster Decision-Making
    Francis Gaffney, Mimecast; Josh Douglas, Mimecast
    Threat intelligence data can be a powerful tool in your cybersecurity arsenal. The problem is there’s so darn much of it. How do you make it meaningful? Find out in this session. We’ll discuss the different types of threat intelligence, how they can (and cannot) help you, and strategies for maximizing their value. You’ll also learn more about Mimecast Threat intelligence, designed to be contextual, easily consumed, and actionable.  
  • The Call is Coming from Inside the House: How to Detect and Remediate Internal Threats
    Steve Malone, Mimecast; Matthew Gardiner, Mimecast
    Most cybersecurity strategies focus on attacks trying to infiltrate an organization’s systems, but what about threats that start from the inside? Difficult to detect and particularly dangerous because employees’ defenses are lowered, they represent a risk that too often goes unaddressed. Join this session to learn how you can detect insider threats and even “rewind the clock” with Mimecast’s advanced remediation capabilities. You’ll leave with actionable strategies for keeping internal email – which represents two-thirds of most organizations’ mail flow – secure.
  • From the Threat Intelligence Frontier: How the Mimecast S.A.F.E. Score Quantifies Employee Risk
    Josh Douglas, Mimecast; Francis Gaffney, Mimecast
    When it comes to security risk, not all employees are created equal, but how do you know where critical (and limited) resources are needed most? Join this session to learn about the new Mimecast S.A.F.E score – a personalized risk assessment for every employee and your organization as a whole. You’ll hear how real-world threat data, combined with Mimecast-driven insights around “connectedness”, attack vectors, and roles, can help you predict – and proactively protect – your most vulnerable end-users.
  • It Wasn’t Me! How to Tackle the Misuse of Your Brand Online 
    Jules Martin, Mimecast; Dan Sloshberg, Mimecast
    Elad Schulman, SegaSec
    Dirk Jan Koekkoek, DMARC Analyzer

    It’s not easy to build a strong brand; but unfortunately, it’s far too simple to do serious and lasting damage to one. How do you identify when and where your brand is being exploited? And how do you stop it? Join this session to learn how Mimecast has joined forces with SegaSec to shine a light into the dark corners of the infinite web and help you proactively protect one of your most important assets – your brand. 


  • Microsoft Office 365 and Mimecast: Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Without Increasing Risk
    J. Peter Bruzzese, Mimecast; Noah Wallace, Shamrock Foods
    Remember when Microsoft Exchange on-premises was the default option? Great email solution, a lot of gaps from a security and resilience standpoint. As migrations to Office 365 continue to grow, the hosting method may have changed, but the security challenges remain. Join this session for a deep-dive into how to reap the benefits of cloud without increasing your cybersecurity risk. We’ll discuss the limitations that exist with Office 365 alone and how Mimecast can help you stay one step ahead.
  • The Mimecast Security Black Box: An In-Depth Look at the Technology, People, and Processes that Protect Your Organization
    Lindsay Jack, Mimecast; Sebastian Degardin, Mimecast
    Because of Mimecast’s cloud infrastructure, many of the analytic techniques and investigative processes we use to protect your organization are behind the scenes. In this session, we’ll pull back the curtain to give you a close-up view of the most current technologies in use, the different threat intelligence sources we use, and how we determine what new analytic techniques to adopt. You’ll also learn about the roles and responsibilities of the security experts whose sole focus is to keep you safe every day. 
  • A Year In the Life…The Latest Cyber Security Trends and Insights from More than 1000 of Your Peers 
    Dan Sloshberg, Mimecast
    Kelvin Coleman, National Cyber Alliance

    What were the key trends in attack strategies over the last year? Is impersonation still the go-to tactic?  And how are your peers working to prevent and recover from attacks? Get insights and perspective from the front lines in this session that features Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliancec, and Dan Sloshberg, Senior Direct of Product Marketing for Mimecast, discussing findings from the 2019 State of Email Security report. They'll discuss inputs gathers from over 1,000 global IT decision makers and provide insights you can use to prioritize, plan, and act.


  • How to Incorporate Cyber Insurance into Your Risk Management Program 
    Liz Limjuco, Marsh; Matthew Gardiner, Mimecast 
    The cyber insurance market is predicated to underwrite $4B in premiums for 2019, and estimates point to the global market growing to more than $23B by 2025. Clearly, insurance has an important role to play in cyber risk management and reduction. The Cyber Catalyst program created by Marsh brings together participating insurers to spark improved approaches and outcomes in cyber risk management. In this session, Marsh will review the cyber insurance marketplace, discuss how cyber insurance can be part of your cyber risk management program, and provide an overview of the Cyber Catalyst program.
  • Protecting Clicks Outside of Email -- The Challenge of Web Security
    Jamie Fernandez, Mimecast; Aaron Miller, Republic Title
    Shopping, researching, downloading, gaming, finding people, and seeing what’s happening in the world…we all love the web. And so do attackers. They use it to steal credentials, drop malware, steal data, and more.  Protecting your employees from malicious and inappropriate web sites, whether they are on or off the corporate network, is getting more difficult. How can you keep your organization and employees safe without added complexity or breaking the bank? Join us to find out how Mimecast Web Security can help.
  • Confronting Cyber Threats:  Cybersecurity from the FBI's Perspective
    Miguel A. Clarke, FBI 
    The FBI's Cyber Division leads the United States' response to high-level intrusions. From Business Email Compromises to ransomware attacks, they have the job of bringing cybercriminals to justice, wherever they may be.  An agent for the Cyber Division will review recent cyber threats and trends, discuss some best practices when collaborating with the FBI's Cyber Division, and discuss some of the tools and techniques they use to track and catch cybercriminals.
  • Human Error – Not A Laughing Matter…Or Is It?
    Get ready to laugh in this session featuring characters from Mimecast Awareness Training's award-winning videos. What are some of the most common mistakes employees make? And how can you prevent them? We can't think of a more entertaining way to find out than a little sketch comedy. We aren't entirely sure what's going to happen in this session (improv and all that). But it's a safe bet you'll leave more informed and even better, with a smile on your face.


Archiving, Data Protection, and Compliance

How do you navigate an environment where data volumes continue to grow at the same time that regulatory and compliance requirements are becoming more complex? Join sessions in the Archiving, Data Protection, and Compliance track to explore the challenges of archiving and data management through a variety of lenses – from IT and legal to end-user and industry. You’ll learn how to optimize existing technologies and make data migration easy, get best-practices from industry experts, have an opportunity to network with peers and Mimecast product experts, and more. 

  • Ask the Archive experts: An Interactive Roundtable 
    Bill Daugherty, GKN Aerospace; Sebastian Degardin, Mimecast; Garth Landers, Mimecast; Michael Youmans, Mimecast; Shane Harris, Mimecast
    What does the future of information management look like?  Join us in this interactive session featuring Mimecast experts across product management, product marketing, engineering, and support. Our staff has a combined experience of 100 years in the archiving space. Bring your burning questions on retention requirements, supervision, data classification, data migration, content type support, and other hot topics. We’ll discuss, brainstorm, and collaborate on strategies for today and what we think is around the corner. 
  • Information Governance: Best Practices for Bridging People, Processes, and Technology
    What are the latest best practices for systematically managing information based on regulatory, legal, and business requirements? The Senior Director of Information Governance at Epiq will join product experts from Mimecast Cloud Archive to share industry-proven strategies. You’ll leave with actionable advice on gaining greater insights, improving decision-making, and streamlining your information governance process. 
  • Protecting Your Data – Is Microsoft Office 365 Good Enough? 
    Garth Landers, Mimecast
    The risks posed by ransomware attacks and accidental deletions of critical information aren’t going away, and the simple truth is that relying solely on Microsoft O365™ for backup and recovery is a risky bet. In fact, according to Gartner, “Those evaluating Office 365 should consider investing in third-party tools for faster, more-flexible recovery options, as well as reputation damage control after a malicious attack.” Join this session to make sure your organization is prepared. You’ll learn about the gaps that exist in Office 365 and how Mimecast can solve the disconnect on your data protection and compliance strategy.  
  • Time to Play Offense with Your E-Discovery Action Plan
    Garth Landers, Mimecast; Herb Roitblat, Mimecast
    Responding to e-discovery events is often reactive and time-pressured. Learn how an integrated archive and e-discovery solution can help IT and legal teams get proactive, while also saving time, reducing costs, and mitigating risk. You’ll get a close-up look at features in Cloud Archive that can deliver immediate ROI, such as Case Review, self-service control over legal holds, case management, and data export. The session will provide actionable advice for reducing costly settlements, decreasing reliance on outsourcing, and making better, faster decisions.
  • Thinking Beyond Email: Ensuring Modern Compliance for All Content Types
    Shane Harris, Mimecast;  Sam Elbeck, Globanet
    Come learn how you can unify all your communication channels, including MS Teams, Yammer, Bloomberg, Skype, Chatter, and 60+ other e-Comm platforms, in Mimecast Cloud Archive. Whether you need to comply with regulations, make sure you’re covered for GDPR, meet internal HR auditing requirements, or all of the above, you’ll see how technology from Globanet, a Mimecast partner, can allow you to capture, store, and discover all your different communication channels in a single, robust platform.
  • Building Information Mindfulness: 8 Rules To Help You Extract Your Head From…The Sand
    Randy Kahn, Kahn Consulting; Emily Wojcik, Mimecast
    Join this exciting, high energy session featuring internationally acclaimed speaker and award-winning author Randy Kahn discussing how CISOs, IT professionals, and legal/compliance teams can get their information act together. Kahn will discuss key takeaways from his new book – "The Executive’s Guide to Navigating the Information Universe” – which is soon to be published by The American Bar Association, including eight distinct rules organizations can follow to improve both data governance and resilience.


Optimizing IT and Your Security Ecosystem

Optimizing your security strategy is a delicate balance between available resources and the best interests of the business. Building a sustainable security platform, making everything work together, and getting the most from your investments is no easy task – but it’s essential. Explore how to address these challenges and more in this track designed to give you strategies for optimizing your security posture today while also building a strong foundation for the future. 

  • The Mimecast Data Layer:  Rising Above the Noise to Extract Actionable Insights
    Andras Szabo, Mimecast; Pete Crowdell, Mimecast
    Data data everywhere and not a drop to drink. That’s how the modern-day information tsunami can sometimes feel, and Mimecast is no exception. So over the past months, we’ve been exploring a critical question – how can our customers get the greatest possible value from the massive volumes of data Mimecast generates, analyzes, and stores? Join this session to learn about new capabilities designed to use data as a springboard for taking our service to the next level and provide actionable insights to our community of customers, partners, and colleagues.
  • A-P-I Need Integration: Your Current Systems, Mimecast, and You  
    Joe Tibbetts, Mimecast; Devin Hamilton, Mimecast
    It’s probably safe to say that we all understand the value of API integrations. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks – what are Mimecast and our Alliance partners bringing to the table? Join this session to learn about the API integrations Mimecast has already built with a variety of vendors to help you optimize your IT systems. We’ll share use cases that illustrate the practical application and value of these integrations. We’ll also show you what’s in store for Mimecast’s API roadmap.
  • Why An Integrated Security Environment is No Longer a Choice
    Jules Martin, Mimecast; Joe Tibbetts, Mimecast
    Complex cybersecurity challenges require complex technology ecosystems, right? It doesn’t have to be that way. With research showing that the average company owns 80 applications from 40 vendors but uses less than 20% of the features, finding a way to make it all work together is clearly critical. Join this session to discover how you can do just that. You’ll learn how an integrated, extensible architecture can increase response times, reduce risk, and decrease your administrative burden. Don't you just feel better already?
  • Phishing Beyond the Castle Walls: What Lurks in the Digital Shadows? 
    James Chappell, Digital Shadows
    Organizations continue to expand their digital footprints as they invest in new ways to transform their strategies and their operations. These investments can pay big dividends, but they also often create unwanted “digital shadows” that open up new opportunities for threat actors. In this session, you’ll learn how cybercriminals have capitalized on these opportunities – and more importantly, how Digital Shadows & Mimecast are working together to help you stop inadvertently helping attackers.
  • DMARC & the Enterprise: The Face of Impersonation Looks a lot Like Your Own 
    Dirk Jan Koekkoek, DMARC Analyzer
    Impersonation and spoofed messages are two of the most popular tactics for cyber criminals, and protecting employees, customers, and partners – not to mention your brand – is becoming increasingly challenging. Join this session to learn how DMARC Analyzer can help you take control by providing full visibility into your outbound email traffic, spotting unauthorized parties that might be trying to use your domain, and putting a stop to these activities. Dirk Jan Koekkoek, CEO of DMARC Analyzer, will provide an overview of DMARC’s technology and discuss how it can help you simplify DMARC enforcement to stop impersonation attacks.


Hands-On Labs

Ready to go deep on how to get the most out of your Mimecast technology? Join Mimecast’s technical training experts for sessions designed to help you ensure protections are optimized and make every day a little easier. Bring your own device to follow along and leave with actions you can take immediately to get more value from your Mimecast solutions.

  • Continuity and Service Monitor: Keep Business Flowing, No Matter What
    Peter Brown, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Improve your resilience posture with this session that will demonstrate how you can ensure zero downtime for your mail flow in the event of planned or unplanned downtime. You’ll learn configurations and best practices for Service Monitor, Alerting, and Continuity so you can keep business flowing no matter what. 
  • Data Leak Prevention with Content Examination
    Scott Docherty, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Protect your employees, customers, and corporate data with Data Leak Prevention using Content Examination. In this session, you’ll learn how to build rules, use threat dictionaries, and assign trigger actions like Secure Messaging. You’ll leave with the skills to better safeguard sensitive organizational data against accidental, or in rare cases, intentional exposure.
  • Empowering Employees with End-User Applications
    Dawn Cronin, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Happy end-users? It is possible. Learn how to empower them in this session focused on configuring and optimizing end-user applications using Application Settings. You’ll learn how to ensure you’re taking full advantage of all the best features from Mimecast for Outlook, Mimecast Mobile, and the Personal Portal.
  • Message Center: Effectively Search and Troubleshoot
    Scott Docherty, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Learn how to optimize your use of Message Center, which allows administrators to search, manage, and report on messages in transit. You’ll get an overview of the various monitoring queues and expert guidance on how to effectively search messages and troubleshoot mail flow issues. 
  • Mimecast 101: An Introduction and Guide for New Mimecast Customers
    Peter Brown, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Ideal for new customers and administrators, this session will take you through the basics of Mimecast. You’ll get a tour of the administration console, learn how Mimecast interacts with your environment, and walk away with actionable advice for optimizing your new Mimecast technology. We’ll also provide guidance on getting the most from your Cyber Resilience Summit experience.
  • Optimizing Targeted Threat Protection: Attachment and URL Protect Attachment
    Gary Bezuidenhout, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Targeted Threat Protection (TTP) provides a set of tools that are critical to protecting end-users. Join this session to learn how to ensure that two key features – Attachment Protect and URL Protect –  are optimized, including best practices for configuration, roll-out, and reporting. Bring your laptop and follow along as our technical experts take you through it step-by-step. 
  • Optimizing Targeted Threat Protection: Impersonation Protect and Internal Email Protect
    Dawn Cronin, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    Mimecast’s 2019 State of Email Security report showed that both impersonation attacks and threats that originate from inside the organization are on the rise. Targeted Threat Protection is here to help. Join this session to get a step-by-step walk through of how to optimize two key defenses – Impersonation Protect and Internal Email Protect. You’ll learn best practices for configuration, roll-out, and reporting. Bring your laptop and your questions, and get ready to learn.
  • Stationary Masterclass: Building for Form, Function, or Both
    Gary Bezuidenhout, Mimecast; Sean Carey, Mimecast
    In this interactive session, you’ll get a step-by-step walk through of setting up and optimizing your stationary layout and configuration. Whether building for form, function, or both, this course will ensure you have all the skills to get the most from your stationary setup. Bring your questions and your laptop so you can follow along.


Tips & Tricks

Learn fast in these 20-minute speed sessions held in the Mimecast Pavilion. We’ll cover some of the top support tickets from the Mimecast community and talk through best practices for navigating them, discuss high interest areas like APIs, and talk about challenges like user adoption, and more. Invest a little time, learn a lot, and have some fun along the way.

  • APIs: Know What They Are and Where to Use Them 
    Devin Hamilton, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast
    Mimecast has been building out its API and Alliances program, and many of you are asking "Where do I start?" Join this session to hear how other customers are leveraging Mimecast's APIs to enhance their security postures and enrich the data being sent to and received from other third parties.  
  • Have You Planned for the Zombie Apocolypse? 
    Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast
    When security technology "just works", business continuity is easy to overlook or de-prioritize. Don't find yourself in a situation where email is down and your plan is that you have no plan. In this fast-paced, 20-minute session, we'll share our business continuity checklist and best-practice tips for making sure you're fully prepared when the zombie hoard arrives or (more likely) when someone cuts through the cables in the street.
  • Where Did My Email Go?
    Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast; Moise Lagene, Mimecast
    Bounced messages, rejected messages, and held messages all add to the volume of questions you need to answer and tickets you need to resolve. Join this session to learn about the redesigned Message Tracking experience and get tips on how to navigate it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  
  • Why Won't They Use It? Strategies for Increasing End-User Adoption
    Moise Lagene, Mimecast; Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast
    We know how difficult it can be to introduce changes to end users, whether it's migrating from legacy technologies or introducing new capabilities. Hear how your peers are managing change in this session that will feature success stories and lessons learned from Mimecast customers. You'll get inspiration, learn from their mistakes, and learn proven strategies for increasing end-user adoption.  
  • How Do I Export an Email from Mimecast? My Boss Needs It ASAP!
    Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast; Moise Lagene, Mimecast
    Mimecast is a fully compliant, tamper-proof archive, but how do you export archived messages? From accidental email deletions and corrupted mailboxes to HR investigations and GDPR compliance, this is a request you probably get a lot. Learn how to amaze your colleagues and save the day on a regular basis in this session that will you take you step-by-step through how to easily access and export emails. 
  • Email Encryption and Secure Messaging Techniques - A Step-by-Step Walkthrough
    Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast; Moise Lagene, Mimecast
    Want to know how to find out if a message has been sent encrypted via TLS? And where to find the different email encryption options? Join this session for a step-by-step walk through. We’ll also show you some capabilities within our Secure Messaging service.
  • Why Can’t I Receive Emails from My Own Domain Name from External Sources? 
    Matt Cronican, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast;
    Cases relating to misconfigured anti-spoofing policies are the number one issue that the Mimecast support team handles. By default, Mimecast configures anti-spoofing policies that prevent inbound emails with your domain name from reaching your users. In this session, we’ll show you how easy it is to make exceptions to this policy for legitimate senders who are sending inbound messages on your behalf. Problem solved!
  • What are SPF Checking, DMARC, and DKIM, and Do I Need to Configure Them?
    Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast
    Industry best practice says yes – you should configure these capabilities. But what are they? And how do you configure them? And why? Join this session to untangle the acronyms, get options for configuring each, and learn how to navigate within your Mimecast environment as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  • Keeping on Top of the Game with Proactive Alerting
    Matt Cronican, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Aidan Hernandez, Mimecast;
    Let’s take a look at LDAP Sync with your active directory and SMPT journaling options. We’ll cover tips and tricks to provide a health check on your mail flow and take you through Service Monitor, where you can set SMS alerting when thresholds are exceeded. If you’re an administrator, you’ll always be the first to know; and more importantly, you’ll be able to act quickly to solve any mail flow issues.
  • Data Analytics - Have You Seen Our Dashboards and Self Service Reports?
    Moise Lagene, Mimecast; Jeff Hatin, Mimecast; Matt Cronican, Mimecast
    We’ve designed and delivered some fantastic new dashboards and self-service reports that allow you to visualize and analyze data in real time. Learn how these tools can help you identify vulnerable users, monitor malware, and take action (when required) quicker than ever.